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Exciting new vacancies!

Some exciting role are now available for you to jump on board and join our vibrant District Team – Get in there quick before the best ones go….


Do you want to help young people in Lichfield scale new heights, sail faster than they have sailed before, or see smiles on faces of people doing something they have never done before?

ADC Activities


Can you help introduce Beavers to Camp fires or walking in the dark through the woods or build the largest lego dinosaur man has ever seen?

District Beaver Leader


Are you willing to risk life and limb to help Cubs in Lichfield cook sausages on an open fire, help inspire leaders to take Cubs up a sky scraper of a climbing wall?

District Cub Leader


Do you like paperwork?  Love spreadsheets?  We have something right up your street……

Adult Support Administrator


Could you handle the pressure of writing down the discussions of a very enthusiastic District Team?  Do you have a creative streak that is waiting to come out in leaflet design?

District Team Administrator