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Explorer Scouts are young people, usually aged between 14 and 18 years old.

They make up the fourth section of the Scouting family after Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

Structure and meetings

A group of Explorer Scouts is called a Unit.

Not all Units meet every week, partly due to activities, holidays, exams and the other commitments that crop up in a teenager’s life, and also because Explorers tend to get out and about at weekends more often than other sections.



We are now lucky in Lichfield to be able to offer 7 options for Explorer Scouts forming our District Explorer Provision to continue in their Scouting journey. We have 7 Explorer Units within the District with 6 Active units offering similar balance programmes and adventurous activities across different meeting locations and times and 1 Virtual unit offering the formal training support for all Young Leaders throughout the District. All will have their own individual style but the quality is the same.


Scouts can move to Explorers any time between the ages of 13½ – 14½ when the time is right for them as an individual.  You should discuss with your Scout Leader what your thoughts are on moving up to Explorers and they will be able to help and advise.

Explorer Units running a balanced programme covering Chief Scout Platinum, Diamond and Queen Scout. Duke of Edinburgh award is also supported. Adventurous activities. Access to all District Explorer weekend activities.

Columbus Unit

Beacon Park HQ – 8pm – 10pm Wednesdays
Contact: Nigel.Theaker@Lichfieldexplorers.org.uk

Beacon Unit

Beacon Park HQ – 8pm – 10pm – Thursdays
Contact: Paul.Burch@Lichfieldexplorers.org.uk

Elder Unit

Elder Lane Scout HQ 7.30pm – 9.30pm – Thursdays
Contact: Richard.Busby@Lichfieldexplorers.org.uk

Bear Explorer Unit

Armitage Methodist Church 7:30pm – 9:30pm – Monday
Contact: Richard.Butcher@Lichfieldexplorers.org.uk

Lancaster Explorer Unit

Fradley Village Hall 7:30pm – 9:30pm – Monday
Contact: Doug.Rumbold@Lichfieldexplorers.org.uk

Alpha Explorer Unit

Beacon Park HQ – 8pm – 10pm – Tuesdays
Contact: Simon.Haber@Lichfieldexplorers.org.uk

Lichfield District Young Leaders Unit

Training Contact: Max.Berry@Lichfieldexplorers.org.uk

This is a virtual Unit which encompass all Explorers registered as Young Leaders throughout the 6 Active Explorer Units and those not registered with another Unit. Many of our Explorers work with groups and the younger sections learning to lead and pass on knowledge and skills. The virtual Young Leaders Unit provides training for the Young Leaders to enable them to complete this role.

Young Leaders are required to complete Module A within 3 months from starting as a Young Leader to ensure they are aware of their role, safety and safeguarding elements. This will be facilitated by the District Young Leader team.

Dates for Young Leader training can be round on the Rolling diary within this website.


Please visit their website at: www.lichfieldexplorers.org.uk



Explorer Scouts often get the chance to work with other Explorer Scouts in their District, not just their own Unit, so can take part in an even wider spectrum of activities.

There is also a range of ambitious badges and awards, through which Explorers can demonstrate their proficiencies and expand their interests.

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To get in touch with the District Explorer Scout Commissioner please email Explorers@LichfieldScouts.org.uk