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The adult training scheme is a flexible, modular based system, which gives leaders the opportunity to achieve their learning by different means and at their own pace. For example some adults prefer to go on training courses, whereas others have difficulty giving up weekends and would prefer to learn at home using an e-learning package or from experienced leaders in their District or Group.

Our award winning training for volunteers means that our adults get as much out of scouting as our young people. Don’t be put off by the thought of training, the courses are FUN, and you’ll get to meet people that you will stay in contact with for years.

Scouting in action

There will be no difficult questions for you to answer, no tests at the end of the course, you don’t even have to take notes if you don’t want to – it’s all about participation and learning from those around you.

Why not take the plunge and take the next step in your training… you’ll probably enjoy it!!

training plunge

For further information please follow the following link to our national scout site.

Please see the training dates page to see the provision for training in Lichfield.